A Sister Brand is a brand brought to life from the love between us 3 sisters and our mission to give back. When we created some fun tie dye sweatshirts at home, our idea was born. We received so many messages from friends and strangers wanting to purchase the same clothing we had made and decided that there is no better way other than to donate a portion of our profits to the most marginalized during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With a purchase of a custom handmade garment, A Sister Brand donates to Pizza vs. Pandemic: a campaign that "arranges for hundreds of pizzas from independent pizzerias to be sent to workers at care centers most in need, including hospitals, clinics and shelters with hungry inhabitants". Another organization that a portion of profits are going to is RIP Medical Debt which help 64 million low-income Americans keep their heads above water and directly cancel their medical debt.  While we focus our donations on helping the current pandemic, we donated a portion of our profits to the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund for the month of June, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We shift our donation base to causes close to our hearts that we believe need our attention.


All of us sisters reside in Los Angeles, CA and share a love for creativity, fashion and the human connection. No matter what we create we will always make sure to donate to those in need while creating beautiful pieces.


Romi, Lianne, and Emmy Tendler