Miracle Baby 👶

By: Rachel Friedman

“When do you want kids?” As a 29 year old female I hear this question a lot. My answer is usually, “not now I’m diagnosed with PCOS which makes it harder for me to get pregnant .” 

In October 2019 I started to feel nauseous, I thought to myself, could I be pregnant? I immediately went to the doctor took a pee test and was told that the results were negative. The doctor then said it was probably acid reflux and prescribed me with a medication called Pepsid. When the pandemic hit in March my nausea grew stronger. I also was constantly bloated in my upper stomach, but I dismissed it as acid reflux and didn’t think anything further. On May 29th 2020, I felt extreme cramps and had felt a similar feeling in the past when my period was finally coming. After 24 hours and no period later, my boyfriend urged me to go to the ER.

Entering the ER I told the doctor what I had been feeling and he felt my stomach (which was soft on the lower part and hard in the upper abdomen). He then looked at me and then at the nurses and told me you are in active labor and going to deliver a baby today. The first thought that went through my head was immediate panic. How was this possible? The doctor then told me I had not gained any weight since September and he is hiding in my ribs, I had no bump at all. The hours that followed were filled with fear , nervousness and panic . The doctors and nurses were trying to reassure me that he was healthy and I was going to be okay. At 1:53 pm I delivered a perfectly healthy baby boy. The second I locked eyes with my baby nothing else mattered. Now it’s been 6 months since that day and I can confidently say everything happens for a reason. My miracle baby was the perfect addition to my life. The advice I can give to new mothers is that no matter how prepared or unprepared you are, your baby loves you unconditionally. My baby is happy and content. Motherhood is the best role I’ve ever had and I feel so lucky. My experience was rare and unusual but today all I see is my happy baby.